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KEYWORD : Increase Image Downloads :1

posted by barunpatro, Mar 19, 2008 2:53 PM — 18 comments

Keywording is as important as the concept of the photo/graphics and definitely increases the no. of hits. To see it work I'm using the image here.

As of now it got only 31 downloads

The keywords i've used are:

wallpaper floral illustration design vector backdrop art pattern wall grunge texture

Lets keyword this image. I am not good at keywording so lets say what all words can you come up with other than the ones I know.

Share your keywords and I'll update them.

A senior advised me on the importance of the right keywording so I'm giving it a serious try.


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1. posted by Mr_Basmt, Mar 19, 2008 5:28 PM

Those are some of the most searched keywords on sxc. That would be an awesome tactic except that everbody else is doing it too. I know that whenever I do a search I sort the results by downloads descending because the ones that are downloaded alot tend to be better. For this reason I'd probably not see your image if I searched grunge because I'd only look at the first few pages and since your image doesnt have several thousand downloads I wouldnt see it. What I do is I think of as may possible keywords as I can. Things like colors, shapes, etc. Good luck!

2. posted by barunpatro, Mar 19, 2008 8:41 PM

point. i do the same. sort by downloads. ;)
thanks for the advice

3. posted by fishmonk, Mar 20, 2008 10:06 PM

* Always use plurals:
"wallpapers illustrations designs" etc
* also other derivations:
"texture textured textures textural"
* use possible moods / emotions?
"dark calm"? - not that appropriate for this particular image
"curve curved filigree & spiral"

4. posted by barunpatro, Mar 20, 2008 10:34 PM

Thanks a lot fishmonk. Fresh eye never hurts. :)

I have a question. Sxc just displays abput 20 keywords even if we post more than that. So are the additional keywords active(hidden) or the'y are just ignored ?

5. posted by fishmonk, Mar 21, 2008 7:46 PM

I've searched using 'hidden' keywords & the images still pop up as a result...

6. posted by Agnie, Mar 22, 2008 12:41 PM

I'm also curious about the keywords number. Someone in the forum wrote: 20 is the limit, but if you add a few more (say, up to 25) they should still work. I have no idea, then, what the real limit is. I didn't practice 25, but it did happen that I added more than 25 words out of ignorance and the images DIDN'T show under some of them, and I have no idea what the selection of "active" keywords was based on. Alphabetical order? Now I keep strictly to 20, just in case - then I'm sure my choice has not been unnecessary work & the chosen ones will fulfill their role. It would be nice if someone more experienced gave some definitive answer or if someone knowing the system explained the rules & exceptions.

7. posted by Agnie, Mar 22, 2008 12:55 PM

A propos your picture: you chose great keywords. I could add: background card curve copy dark decoration decorative graphic monarch (for monarch red, if that's the right hue) red space
(I wouldn't go for "nature", "life" etc. here).
My experience shows there's no need to type, say, "town houses" if you already have town & houses. If I search for any such space-separated set of words, the browser will show all images that have the all the composite words in their keywords. So, my list above should make your picture visible for those looking for "dark red", "red background" or "copy space", written separately.

& I think the picture is really good enough to have many downloads even if the keywords are not entirely "perfect" :).

8. posted by barunpatro, Mar 22, 2008 6:41 PM

Hi Agnie. I tried putting more than 20 Keywords but theres no point. also tadditional ones are not detected in the search like fishmonk said. I'm not so sure though. Monarch is a good keyword but i guess very less people might think of such a word for a search. so I didn't use that or else I'll be short by one keyword ;)

SPACE SEPARATED words... i was till now unaware of it. i thouhgt they are invalid syntax(to include a space)... thanks for the info.

9. posted by admin, Mar 22, 2008 7:45 PM

I added some keywording info to the Help today:
See section #3.

10. posted by barunpatro, Mar 22, 2008 8:14 PM

Thank you so much Peter. the keywording section ,It was of big help.

Especially the "isolated"and "copyspace" keywords.

we love SXC :):):)

11. posted by Agnie, Mar 24, 2008 8:33 PM

Baby kept me from writing more last time :).

1. @8: As I said, I do keep to up to 20 keywords.

2. "Monarch" of course is a poor keyword :) (my uncertainty was shown already by the brackets there), maybe I should have stayed by dark red, anyway, I just wanted to point out some people (e.g., me) look for precise colors or hues, like "violet", "sandy" etc. so the less exotic color names might be more than handy.

3. Space separated words - that was a big surprise to me too, not only as an uploader, but as a searcher as well - I hadn't realised I had this option for more specific search before accidentally discovering it. And yes, "underline" instead of space is not mandatory here, space is ok in the keywords section & in the search box.

4. I also wanted to comment on Mr Basmt's advice on avoiding over-popular keywords. I also search by "downloads, descending", sometimes with "date, descending" to complement my search with freshly added pics. So, if I upload, say, a tree or a building that are less than fabulous and rather unlikely to get 1386 or 3800 downloads (last pic in "downloads, descending") quickly, I consider choosing keywords under which the pic is likely to be found with this search option. I wouldn't worry too much about the obvious "winners", though - they'll find their way to the top one way or another, I guess.

5. @3 I'm ambivalent about plurals. How many people type in "cows" if they want to find many pics, but of 1 cow? Or the other way round? I basically use them when really appropriate or I lack other ideas :).
The same with derivations. I do add possible concept/emotions/actions uses. Some time ago I used to look for plenty of month-related images, & found very few pics keyworded by month, so I often add time & (more rarely) place, if relevant.

6. On the whole, I believe a true "keywords campain" (selecting & perhaps also changing them over time) - should one be interested in conducting one :) - would only be possible if more or less exact statistics of how people search the site were available. Individual practices or intuitions are hardly reliable as indicators of popular demand...

7. It is wonderful that a more extensive keywording help has been added! I had been looking for something like that & had been disappointed with its lack, the more so as searching the forums is still very time-consuming.

8. I also try to use up the 3 categories limit, although personally I use the "search by category" option very rarely.

As it's easy to guess, the baby's sleeping now & I could write freely :), but I'd better stop now. Greetings & thanks for occasioning this conversation.

12. posted by Agnie, Mar 24, 2008 8:41 PM

BTW: If you want to join the image with the green one (in the comments under this one you write "they didn't include [the green one] in this series") you can still do so by going to "My photos" > "Bulk editor". Please excuse this note if you already know it or if making a series was simply not your intention.

13. posted by Dhammikasl, Apr 23, 2008 12:52 PM

thank alot giving like this advise for us

14. posted by barunpatro, Apr 23, 2008 6:06 PM

Thanks Agnie for the cool crash course in Keywording. It sure makes a lot of difference for people who take time in keywording.

I have uploaded another series of the same concept but please tell me more on how to add a pic to a set after having approved them into SXC as two separate images.

I'm going to try the bulkeditor thin. If it works then I think I got u right :)

Agnie...Thanks thanks thanks a looooooot :):):)

15. posted by crisderaud, Apr 26, 2008 4:04 PM

There are some keywords that attract a lot of searches. The word "grunge" is one of them. A search of "grunge" on SXC brings up a lot of photos that just aren't grungy. Popular keywords should not be used if they do not apply to the photo. Improper keyword use muddles the search results with random photos and degrades the accuracy of search on the site.

Something to keep in mind too is you may want to include plural and singular forms of the search word. An example would be "window" as well as "windows".

There are regional forms of spelling the same word. For example. color and colour. Both forms of the spelling should be used to increase the number of hits.

Avoid using single words which are too broad in their meaning like the words wet, space, light, etc. Use combinations of words to help define the meaning like wet hair, tight space, red light, etc.

16. posted by barunpatro, Apr 26, 2008 5:24 PM

Thanks Chrisderaud. The combination of words is something of a new knowledge to me. TIll now I had been thniking they dont work . tx again

17. posted by Agnie, Jul 15, 2008 2:21 PM

@ 16. Because they don't. In a way. I believe it's best to illustrate:

Photographer has a picture of apple cider (a more pulpy version of apple juice).

Photographer uses keyword(s):
1) apple cider,
2) apple, cider,

Searcher types in the search window:
a) apple cider
b) apple
c) cider

Now Option 2 - what happens:
photographer's picture is visible for search a), b) and c)
- a searcher looking for apple cider & typing in a) finds apple cider - is probably happy
- a searcher looking for cider with c) - get's your pic & is probably happy (even if looking specifically for alcoholic 'hard cider' - what's the difference to the eye?)
- a searcher looking for apple with b) - gets a pic of a glass with some dark stuff in it & is probably, well, less than happy

Option 1:
photographer's picture is visible only for search a)
- a searcher looking for apple cider & typing in a) finds apple cider - is probably happy
- a searcher looking for cider with c) - doesn't get your pic & either types in a) to find the pic or is too discouraged to try/can't think of trying a)
- a searcher looking for apple with b) - doesn't get your pic & is probably happy

Possible solutions for more effective search:
A. Photographer's: learns, thinks hard and ahead & keywords 'apple cider,' AND 'cider,' BUT NOT 'apple,'
B. Admin's: disables 'apple, cider,' results for searchers looking for 'apple cider'
C. Admin's: distinguishes between search for 'apple_cider' & 'apple AND cider' & 'apple OR cider'

Now, someone more knowledgeable than I might pick up the thread and/or correct me if I'm wrong at some point.

Just did the 3 searches.
2 pics for a) (apple blossoms & pressing apples for cider)
16 pics for c) (6x bottlenecks with what looks like apple juice, nondescript can, french food, bottle stoppers, 4x apple heaps)
1000 pics for b), e.g.

18. posted by Agnie, Jul 15, 2008 2:22 PM

@ 14 (Series making) And does it work?

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