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Panju De Art Enigma

posted by pitchblack, Aug 26, 2008 8:55 AM — 0 comments

De art enigma is concerned with elements of change; of transformation through partial destruction and rehabilitation - an often violent process through which new qualities and potentials are revealed through the canvases. The style of each subjects found within the frame would practice spans a range of disciplines, themselves imposing elements of change through mutual influence and cross-fertilisation, discovering and celebrating the qualities of materials and delighting in the potential of the "found" object.

The very essence of art enigma demands constant thought, movement, re-evaluation and interim decision-making whereby new ideas are transformed by their interaction with the medium, often suggesting new approaches in using the medium itself and enabling, the pixels to complement each manually and consciously by mutual impact, a more reflective realization of both.

De art enigma shines faces in phases of emotion with "abstract" form as a means of expression, delighting in its ability to indicate say without saying; its ability to imply meditation and contemplation during creation; its versatility in the expression of visual/emotional states - serenity or balanced tension; its ponder ability but concerned with presenting the particulars in which the essence of the art represents.

While much of the work is involved contains references to physical features or specific elements such as texture and patterns constant into other areas of experiencing the enigma is a vehicle through which admirer can reflect upon and react to both inner and outer worlds. Painted or constructed surface - almost turning the act of "painting" or "printmaking" into pure gesture in the search for a new personal aesthetic. The work is about transformation and discovery of innate, inherent qualities of objects and situations, which are clarified and displayed by the juxtaposition of role and context brought about by the working process. I delight in the ability of the found object or "non-art" material to become an expressive medium for me. This is combined with the notion of "transience"- that often my images are of momentary pauses in a process of the evolution, or of general change and transformation quite aesthetically dispersed.

De art enigma metaphors of many things!!!

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