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Bar Code Printing

posted by urdomains, Aug 18, 2011 12:37 PM — 0 comments

Although vector or raster graphic programs have plug-ins to generate bar codes, bar codes are often serialized or are unique according to model/ style, color, size, or dimension. It is usually better to use label design software that is meant to generate bar codes on the fly. Unless you are designing static layouts for plates in the case of offset or flexo-graphic printing, it is better to use bar code/ label design software.
My favorite label design software is Bartender by Seagull Scientific Systems. The professional version of the software not only allows you to design a label using an easy to use WYSIWYG interface, it also has powerful features to connect to spreadsheets or databases to retrieve variable data directly from the source. You can also use VB Scripting to manipulate data in individual fields to perform calculation or generate information based on a combination of fields. Teklynx international is another label design software company. They sell several brands of software. From the powerful and complex Code Soft, to the easy to use Label Matrix. Each brand has its own versions. Teklynx has a version that fill in niche needs for many situations.
Both of these label software companies only make software for the M.S. Windows platforms. In the case of Seagull Scientific they create true windows drivers for thermal printers so you can use them to print from any windows based application. This often comes in handy for supporting older thermal printers. In many cases the thermal printer manufacturers will discontinue drivers for obsolete printer models. This also comes in handy for people that don't need the fancy features of the label design software and just need to print from a word processor, spreadsheet, or graphics program on to a thermal printer directly.
If you would like more information on label design software or label printing you can visit my website ProgressiveLabel.com and click on the catalog request link. In the notes put in the request for label software info and put in Adam to get to me directly.

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