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Things that still make me laugh.

posted by CWMGary, Oct 29, 2011 9:49 AM — 2 comments

I've been posting stock photos for about five years now - not as a full time job of course, just as a hobby. I started on SXC and am still happy to have photos here, although it's getting a lot harder to get them accepted - it used to be a great place to cut your teeth and get some feedback - now it's almost as hard as the paid sites!

Anyway, there are a few phrases that still catch my funny bone and I thought I'd share them. Hopefully you will also find them funny...

"Overall lighting could be improved." - yeah, this one is a kicker when you get it - you work hard sometimes to make sure the lighting is just right, but what makes me laugh is when the photo is a simple outdoor shot with natural light - how do I improve on the sun God provided us LOL. I know it has to do with exposure and dynamic range and reflected light and a dozen other things, but wow, really? The Sun is not a good enough light source :)

"Overall Composition could be improved" - for what? One person's needs are never the same as another person's needs. The composition might not fit that reviewer's thinking, but it cought my attention or I wouldn't have posted it! This makes me laugh too. Especially when one site rejects it for this and another takes it up.

"Cropping could be improved" - what makes me laugh about this one is that it generally is because it is felt that the cropping is not tight enough... but this (and other sites) is a stock site... designers are taking the images to use for their own purposes - I think they know how to use the corp tool, and providing more bleed on the image gives them much more to crop to their liking! Wow...

I keep on laughing because if I didn't, I'd probably give up... but that's not the way to go, is it... I keep plugging away and taking the rejections along with the acceptances. It's all good.

The thing that makes me laugh the most is when an image gets rejected on one site because it doesn't meet standards, and on another site it is accepted and sells like hotcakes! My response to that - oh well, I guess the site that rejected it lost out... and I giggle some more... under my breath.

All that being said, the reviewers do a fine job - and I wouldn't want to be in their shoes - really! I'm sure they also have things they get a laugh out of when they look at all of our images too.

Keep on laughing!

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1. posted by luizianta, Dec 5, 2011 4:12 AM

nice post, - Tema

2. posted by jimmm, Nov 7, 2011 2:24 PM

Funny post. Do you actually sell images online? I have 100's (thousands?) and I hope to upload quite a few.

Do you have any suggestions? I know I need to improve on my outdoor lighting ...

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