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Are you crippling your own profession?

posted by weebit, Nov 8, 2006 11:25 PM — 3 comments

Why? Because a lot of it boils right down to what you are willing to do too help yourself get ahead. Yes I also criticize my own ways of handling photography to get ahead. No one that I know of is out of this loop.

Are you crippling your own profession? I sat down, and thought on this for a few hours. Was I willing to change in order to see if a new way was better? Yes. Am I putting in enough hours taking pictures? No. I don't carry a camera 24/7, and can hardly say I have brushed on enough subjects to be sure I am in the right one. Can't say if I found my niche either.

Photography has many areas, it is not just point and shoot. Regardless of what you hear, it is not instant success. Many take this on, and never find fame or fortune. Others may have that one deal to where they are in the lime light. A few shots, and instant success, until the next photographer comes along, and takes their place. Others never find their niche, maybe because they don't like change. They stick to one subject, and not even fire and brimstone could get them to try another subject, or change how they take photos, etc.

Regardless of how you feel about yourself, and how well your photo work is. You could be crippling yourself. If you must stick to one subject, scene, light, camera, etc... You could be hurting your own photo profession yourself.

Open your mind up to new ideas, try not to put too many limits on yourself, and your work. learn by observing others in your same field. if you can't afford the best that is out there in equipment, etc, then learn how to overcome your obstacles. It's fine if you like a certain subject, but don't let it cripple you. Learn, experiment, and explore.

I already know I ramble, I blogged this, just in case someone out their needed a push in the right direction. I am sure others can add good advice also.

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1. posted by hilaryaq, Nov 9, 2006 10:31 PM

Well said!
I would definately say that shooting non-stock photos is where I'm currently at.. and some of them even make it into stock territory, without me having shot them for that purpose..
Its all about having fun, and enjoying it!

2. posted by weebit, Nov 10, 2006 1:15 AM

I agree have fun, but if your trying to go pro, you have to set some base rules for yourself. The best rule I have found was have options for yourself. If you limit yourself and then fail, you totally fail.

3. posted by amaliamira, Nov 29, 2006 5:50 AM

Not all of us are trying to go pro, y'know... but your advice is quite applicable for any creative endeavor, whether or not we're in it to go pro or just for our own amusement. Sticking to one subject/style is indeed crippling. However, in the art world it seems that the most successful people are those who find a niche and get known for it. That's 'cuz the sales types (e.g., galleries) want to have something easy to market! The beauty of stock photography by comparison is that you can shoot anything and put it out there -- and you'll often be surprised by which kinds of photos are more successful. But no one complains if you do something different -- just look at the portfolios of some of the users here!

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