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Tall Poppy Syndrome at SXC

posted by buzzybee, Mar 29, 2007 4:54 AM — 5 comments

Recently I was amazed to find that I'd hit the number 1 spot for rankings on SXC. It was nice to know that people were enjoying my gallery and from the flood of emails I've been getting, how useful the photos were.

Today I've noticed that I've fallen to #24 and my ratings have been severely hammered, with obviously many #1 rankings over night.

Ratings are of course subjective, but this is clearly a deliberate attempt to lower mine, as there are several ratings of 1.

At the end of the day I don't care. As long as the photos are being enjoyed and used, the comments and downloads speak more than the ratings, but it does reflect the Tall Poppy Syndrome our society is afflicted with, and which I find sad.

Maybe it's time to get rid of the ratings system, as many others have gone through the same thing. The ratings aren't an accurate reflection of the quality of the images while we have immature people going through galleries and deliberately sabotaging the results.

May I suggest to these people that it would be more productive if you used your time and effort to take some good photos and share some happiness rather than ill will. And a funny thing is.... you'd feel better about yourself too.

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1. posted by bosela, Mar 29, 2007 1:29 PM

I agree with your comments about those who sabotage the ratings of others. That is part of the reason that ratings are unreliable.

On the flip side of the coin, ratings can be elevated by friends, family, or the photographer if that person has more than one account. The desire to be liked by someone or to do someone a favor also perverts the goal of the system. I suppose the more ratings that go into the average, the better the chance that it is a valid reflection of that picture; although even that is questionable, given the practice of rating blitzes.

In fact blitzes may be setting a tone that encourages downgrading. It seems that by encouraging moral boosting or gratuitous rating of images we are setting the president for people to use ratings as emotional tools. It is not a very big step for some to express negative emotions.

While malicious behavior is more reprehensible than ingratiating behavior, they both work to make ratings worthless as reflections of a picture's quality.

I don't think the ratings system can be salvaged. The practices surrounding it are too deeply ingrained in the SXC culture. I can't see it being eliminated either. I have just decided to ignore it for the most part.

[Thanks for using a blog to raise an important issue. While meaningful discussion takes place in the forums, it is often lost in the rapid currents there. I think this is an excellent approach for keeping a record of serious concerns.]

2. posted by shar, Mar 29, 2007 9:26 AM

I agree with all you say. If you go back and read some past blogs, there seems to be a growing emphasis on ratings. If your pics are good, they will get the ratings. Crooking the system doesn't make your pics better.

3. posted by buzzybee, Mar 29, 2007 10:55 AM

Thanks Shar. I agree, ratings mean nothing, but I think it's such a shame that a few nit wits deliberately sabotage people's galleries. They're the sort of people who go down the street and run their keys along the paint work of everyone's cars, just for the hell of it.

SXC is such a wonderful community and I've got so much pleasure from hearing people's positive comments and seeing the brilliant standard of work on here. I'm always recommending the site to graphic designers.

4. posted by sundesigns, Mar 31, 2007 9:07 AM

I've been a regular part of the defective rating system on SXC and I personally think it'll not be abolished because its very difficult to develope a rating system which will not be prone to such foulplay. People can create no of dummy accounts to raise their ratings and bring downd other's.

I've seen people getting a 10 for each pic in asingle day and that cant be possible and cant be fair same as the 1s busybee got.

What SXC can do is to make some changes in their rating system. They should remove the extreme values. If a whole gallery is given a 1 or a 10 by a single user those votes should be simply erased and this can be done with a very few changes in code(programming).

And if something like that is not done do as bosela says 'keep ignoring them'.

5. posted by charcoa1, Apr 3, 2007 2:46 AM

I checked the rankings the other day and I thought to myself "I thought buzzybee was #1???"

Now I know what happened. :(

Chin up and keep up the awesome work :))

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