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The Love Cure.

posted by asterisc21, Jun 29, 2007 9:45 PM — 1 comments


Below link of the video created for the AAPECAN - Association of Support the People with Cancer, a charitable entity with performance in six cities of the state of the Rio Grande Do Sul, in the south of Brazil.

Link You Tube

The video is a transistion of yielded images pro diverse authors, in the great majority extracted of the site sXc, production of the audio Asterisco21 and of eXp Communication. The video will be presented in the event that congregates all the entities of the AAPECAN, together with collaborators, volunteers and carriers.

The text says the following one:

'The sky is darkened? It believes… The sun shines intensely behind clouds. When everything seems lost… When the death seems to beat our door… You it will receive a gift… A possibility. Perhaps you it does not understand soon at the beginning. But, he is intent to the signals. If everything comes against you, Perhaps you it is in the against-hand. It moves of direction. E you will see everything of another angle. Acceptance its situation. It assumes its responsibility on it. It faces the challenge. You have cancer? He fights for you. He uses as weapons the flowers. He gives to that to find for the front… E if does not forget its enemies. In the truth alone we have an enemy… We ourselves. It leaves that the anger E the fear They disappear of you. It is cleaned. Purifique. It is crystallized. Mind sã, body is. E if does not forget to smile. When we smile everything becomes more easy. If it does not worry in being helped, but in helping. If it does not worry in being understood, but in understanding. If it does not worry in being loved, but in loving. It is giving that we receive. It is pardoning that we are pardoned. This is its possibility. It uses to advantage. All the humanity is sick… E alone the love is capable to cure.'

On behalf of all the people of the AAPECAN I want to be thankful each person who contributes of some form for the video to become reality, especially to the authors of the images. Below, the list of photographers of sXc:

Christopher Potter (Austrália) (csp)
Ana Schaeffer (Alemanha) (aschaeffer)
Mateusz Koc (Polônia) (kotz)
Brian Strevens (Canadá) (strev)
Sarah Miles (EUA) (gakiku)
Maria Kaloudi (Grécia) (inya)
Markus Nyberg (Suécia) (aqua-beave)
Asif Akbar (Índia) (asifthebes)
Bob Smith (EUA) (brainloc)
Dan Colcer (EUA) (colcerex)
Markus Biehal (Alemanha) (ElRincon)
James Robertson (EUA) (jxr006)
Bazil Raubach (África do Sul) (larar)
Elena Buetler (França) (len-k-a)
Bill Davenport (Canadá) (lumix2004)
Leszek Nowak (Polônia) (mcleod)
Johan Van Den Berg (Holanda) (jvdberg)
Debra Howell (EUA) (starlight0)
Tolga Kostak (Turquia) (tolgakosta)
Miguel Ugalde (México) (ugaldew)
Fabrizio Turco (Itália) (zirak)
Matthew Bowden (Reino Unido) (thesaint)
Simon jackson (Austrália) (Seabreeze)

Thank You!

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1. posted by Recliners, Jun 21, 2013 4:17 PM

Great tutorial!! Glad you shared it with us :D

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