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Died Mouse

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»  died mouse
Died mouse
model >> a poor died mouse killed by my cat
date>> dec 2004
res>> 300 dpi

hei people, I 'm the photographer: I don't kill this mouse!! I have 5 cats and we live in country SO don't waste your time to offend me!! I don't like stupid people. Photographers that take pics on war with died people are killers? no
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ophelia (||)
on Feb 22, 2004
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112. Mar 2, 2012 gonharo
"I can´t believe SXC accepts ths kind of picture. It´s disagreeable!"

111. Jan 17, 2012 thegioi
"poor mouse, great pic, thanks"

110. Mar 12, 2011 dustmiles
"Hope that "the kill" was'nt only for the pic :/"

109. Apr 28, 2010 Flyff1
"Great stock Pickture. I'm going to use this on my website here: hub/FlyffHacks"

108. Apr 28, 2010 Flyff1
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107. Apr 26, 2010 dizrom
"impresed work! "

106. Apr 13, 2010 ltpgo
"got a new blog about golfing. I will download this amazing image for future use. Will notify you again ... cheers http://www.learntopl-"

105. Apr 1, 2010 photoads
"Thanks for this I changed the hue is this ok? At www.fatburningfurnac- All uses like it."

104. Mar 29, 2010 thmnews
"This image is awsome, might gonna use it at I'll notify you again, once I really use it."

103. Feb 5, 2010 maperez
"Tremendoulsy disgusting gore."

102. Oct 14, 2009 julinelli

101. Aug 12, 2009 teammerlin
"I thougt mine was commented a bit much :)"

100. Dec 3, 2008 Treason1
"I forgot to link you the finished chop where I used this! http://www.worth1000- .com/view.asp?entry=- 481714&display=photo- shop thanks!"

99. Sep 16, 2008 jazza
"poor mouse. I find mice in this condition too sometimes. I have three cats ..... ^..^"

98. Aug 19, 2008 Treason1
"Perfect stock for what I need! I'll post a link if I end up using it in my chop. People have to realize that stock photos are used for many different things and choppers have different needs. Sometimes, you need a dead, bloody mouse people! :)"

97. Jul 28, 2008 Stremel
"whoa sexy"

96. Jul 25, 2008 Sopeluk
"it is so realistic lol :)"

95. Jun 27, 2008 thinkz
"nice... ^^"

94. Jun 21, 2008 signarena
"dont know what to say... :-)"

93. May 30, 2008 Polden
"....................- .... Wow"

92. May 22, 2008 wolt
"mmm, I'm on a dieet and its helps to look at your photo "

91. May 8, 2008 bashar21
"disgusting but even more pitiable. poor mouse ;("

90. Feb 17, 2008 deathlettu

89. Feb 12, 2008 devoncroix
"Wow, this is an amazing photo. Art is about moving people, in any emotion, even horror or disugust. Great work."

88. Feb 3, 2008 ophelia
"why are you so furious?it's only a picture I took same years ago. The animal was dead by my cat.And yes.. I'm not an artist, I'm a graphic designer and an illustrator. And you?peace."

87. Jan 3, 2008 asura
"I was going to rate it as 8 - but decided to add 1 for being brave. It is a good shot. "

86. Dec 18, 2007 joeROOSTER

85. Dec 13, 2007 antixstar
"Brutal cat! I'm just wondering, did you mess with the body at all? When my cats kill mice, or any other small mammal really, the blood doesn't get anywhere. :) Amazing photograph."

84. Nov 18, 2007 aarsje

83. Aug 13, 2007 weirdvis
"Interesting to see this image is still creating a furore. However, it's stood the test of time and even now it's still a dman good image, yucky bits aside."

82. Jul 18, 2007 _papillon_
"Well... the mice killed by my cats do always look like that."

81. Jul 10, 2007 BelleFJ
"cute!! cute!! cute!! hahaha"

80. Jun 9, 2007 melga
"just love it, cool!"

79. May 20, 2007 klsa12
"ekelig ^^"

78. May 9, 2007 abmirayo
"Quite... disgusting. Quite... horrible. This is not photography! This is some foolish intention to appear to be a photographer with a photography that looks to be made by a 5-year old kid."

77. Apr 4, 2007 MAXiu_KAC

76. Mar 29, 2007 lollo88

75. Feb 17, 2007 Mayhem2720
"I cant help but to keep looking at it.. though, i really dont want to anymore. lol"

74. Feb 14, 2007 Ayame62
"that's a nice picture, I think I can use it, great work! Thanks your cat for me ;D"

73. Feb 6, 2007 kharlizben
"you should get together with teammerlin. You both seem to have a sick fascination with dead mice. Death is like defecation; you know it happens, but no one wants to see it"

72. Dec 24, 2006 snaptastic
"Nature's not all sweet and fluffy and this photo proves the point. There's nothing here you wouldn't see in a butcher's shop (different species though!) This is a stock site, not an art site."

71. Dec 7, 2006 franckb
"N'importe quoi :((("

70. Nov 8, 2006 t-florie
"Great shot! Even though.. When my dog killed a pegion, it wasn't my first idea to picture it :P"

69. Oct 8, 2006 saruna_93
"Wow, how quickly life can be swatted (pun intended) away! Fantastically morbid. "

68. Oct 6, 2006 mancity
"excellent- this is going into something, don't know what it is yet, but its definately going to be used!!"

67. Sep 27, 2006 xsmoke
"Art? deviantART is for art. SXC is for STOCK. And many of you don't even imagine how much time you need to spend to find a good photo of a dead animal - there's plenty of dead HUMANS though; a sign of times? Thank you for this photo. Much."

66. Jul 3, 2006 ophelia
"THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL PEOPLE TELL THIS IS ONLY A PICTURE! I'm used to find everyday gifts like this.. my cats are really a war-machine!! :D"

65. Jun 16, 2006 lokaltog
"Hahaha, this is good. I'm gonna use it as the header image of my new website. :P"

64. Jun 7, 2006 shibuya86
"Nice photo!!! I'll upload a photo of a death pigeon soon. (I didn't imagine that I could upload it on this site)."

63. May 12, 2006 Mayalum
"Dude; this picture reminds me of the time i stepped on my kitties little "presents". Most unpleasant. Great picture, though."

62. Apr 26, 2006 mr_larson
"To the people that ask why the photographer would upload this, or that think it's gross and wrong and despicible; I have one question: Why wasn't it rejected? It went through screening and was accepted, so don't bitch to him/her about it, tell a mod. I for one think this photo is great."

61. Apr 18, 2006 Illuminati
"Highly useful. Highly controversial. Vegans and hippies, please shove off. It's a dead mouse - you don't freak when you see roadkill, so why freak when you see a dead mouse on a photo? Photography is showing other people what you see. [I sound hopelessly like a bad TV show. Godhelpmeh]"

60. Apr 11, 2006 robfenn

59. Mar 25, 2006 stevenking
"great pic love thr guts"

58. Mar 1, 2006 xaler
"eww! Nice shot, though."

57. Mar 1, 2006 50000
"i like that , it's real i gone use to one of my poems whits is no profit projekt thaks for uploade this photo it give meaning in life we are vonrabel dead is realiti so peopel grow up, so keep on girl it's strong "

56. Mar 1, 2006 50000
"it's you and me it's life , there are flowers and dead mouse, you eat you kill, dead is a part of life you can't ignord that, use you energi on real problems, kat's do not by food, they kill, we by food, of peopel who has kiil for us, we like to see movis of mase murders, children play villons games "

55. Feb 13, 2006 mikromilla
"pity :("

54. Feb 13, 2006 russoxl
"I think it's art... and it's a great picture."

53. Feb 12, 2006 kronicred
"everyone are seemings that not listening to what i saying... OMG!! need talking to discuss this problem about more than what human think! snesitive is to be intelligent so that we need to not focusing on death. why not to posting pics of dead grandma? is artful? i think not. death is pointing out difference to pain. OMG!!"

52. Feb 9, 2006 pretty_me
"WoW! salute to you and your cat man=)"

51. Jan 24, 2006 Cybernuke
"Holly Molly... was the bad day for the mouse. "

50. Jan 10, 2006 ophelia
"I'M SORRY THIS PIC DISGUISTED SO MANY PEOPLE BUT THE WEBSITE ACCEPTED IT SO IT'S USEFULL. by the way.. it's interesting read so many comment! I want to see you fight. gimmee blooooood! :D"

49. Dec 28, 2005 ferroze
"uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! brutal... "

48. Dec 23, 2005 yhigte
"I hate to see you trolled like this. I'm glad there are still people like you willing to take pictures of disgusting things. This IS art, and just because it's gross doesn't mean it's vulgar. I hate so-called "sensitive" people that can't stand the fact that other people's opinions differ from theirs."

47. Dec 15, 2005 kronicred
"the offense war to photograph is shocking the only difference between them is the ultimate universe. take picture. war photos of soldier that cut in half is to be gross so that STUPID photo can post on interweb (basically this is what i saying). open minded is answer to all lives problem. OMG!"

46. Dec 13, 2005 mikha_el
"The war/tragical photos don’t would be disgusting to construct atmosphere of horrors. The photography it’s a skills of showing the difficult theme, but not in vulgar and disgusting way. Photography is the art. This your photo don’t be art. See this problem from different side and use yours brain in make photos."

45. Nov 22, 2005 jamesashby
"photographers that take picture of dead people at war, wouldnt post a someone cut in half on the internet. and if they did, you'd find it disgusting. would you like to see one of your cats on there like that? Im guessing not"

44. Oct 29, 2005 jerko
"amazing! haha i'm diggin' this!"

43. Oct 19, 2005 virtualboy
"oh my god!!! So freggen' discuisting!! Nice pic though :p"

42. Sep 3, 2005 yshwer
"your cat laid it out nicely like this? or you did? lol"

41. Aug 12, 2005 Kassia
"ew. gd picture though. i think ?"

40. Aug 6, 2005 lundeholm
"I was hungry before I saw this picture :(

The same style as my snake picture :D"

39. Jul 27, 2005 loren_3000
"I meant to say "eiw" or "yucky!" but the webpage seems to automatically convert anything with three consecutive "w"'s into a web URL. lol. "

38. Jul 25, 2005 loren_3000

37. Jul 5, 2005 salyos
"I doesnt need its little tail anymore."

36. May 31, 2005 whitebeard
"A very powerful image, very Damian Hurst, And judgiung by the storm it;s kicked up here it's also a work of art worthy of Turner Prize nomination. Keep up the good work. "

35. Apr 20, 2005 Ratzo99
"I think it's an extremely powerful image, this is the opinion of a graphic designer. Great work my friend. Dramatic images like this are what I like to see."

34. Mar 7, 2005 valuckas
"I think it has a fighting chance!!! My positive moment for the day :)"

33. Feb 26, 2005 amphibian
poor lil thing."

32. Feb 18, 2005 CIC
"Wow. Even it's little tail is broken. "

31. Feb 13, 2005 rama2
"thats pretty gross. heehee ^_^ great shot.... though i'm hesitant to use it. heh o.O"

30. Feb 5, 2005 Kreon
"I agree with netcruiser, photos don't have to be nice but useful (without hurting animals of course, but in this caise it was the cat)"

29. Jan 26, 2005 shaneporte
"this has certainly generated a lot of interest.
I'm not going to use it, but I just had to click on it to get a closer look!
:) "

28. Jan 21, 2005 Spanishale
"Anyone for soup?"

27. Dec 8, 2004 netcruiser
"I DO think it is a usefull photo. This is part of live to. Why do photo's have to be nice??"

26. Nov 28, 2004 o2dazone
"makes me hungry! :O nice macro!"

25. Nov 1, 2004 winterdove
"wow. this is wild!"

24. Oct 31, 2004 Vampiress
"how do you expect someone to use that? why did you upload it?"

23. Oct 22, 2004 belight
"Death is life, and life is death - be realistic people."

22. Oct 9, 2004 rcurls
"ophelia.. could it be that people are NOT stupid, but sensitive. For me, there's more than enough blood and guts photos (of animals AND humans) out there.. I don't see a stock use for this. And I have a cat... I know about nature red in tooth and claw..."

21. Oct 9, 2004 kevinzim
"You're not telling me it was this sweet little thing, are you ;) http://www.nelshael.- com/guest/materiale/- webcam/close-up-grig- ia.jpg"

20. Oct 7, 2004 gipris
"I'm disgusted! "

19. Aug 30, 2004 jdulay
"what happened there?"

18. Jul 25, 2004 electric-b
"You need help, not a camera"

17. Jul 11, 2004 clowreed
"Yuck. lol"

16. Jun 4, 2004 abeall
"did it survive?


15. Jun 2, 2004 Martini78
"Oh God!!!! But good job momment!!!"

14. May 31, 2004 fugue
"What did your cat use to kill it ... An axe? lol..."

13. May 26, 2004 morwen
"thats great, gross, but very usable."

12. May 14, 2004 loungefrog
"ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww- wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-


11. Sep 19, 2004 ophelia
"hei people, I 'm the photographer: I don't kill this mouse!! I have 5 cats and we live in country SO don't waste your time to offend me!! I don't like stupid people. Photographers that take pics on war with died people are killers? no!"

10. Apr 10, 2004 bobbonsai
"wow this makes makes me kinda hmmm, well want to vomit on my own ?

9. Oct 29, 2004 ophelia
"hei people, I 'm the photographer: I don't kill this mouse!! I have 5 cats and we live in country SO don't waste your time to offend me!! I don't like stupid people. Photographers that take pics on war with died people are killers? no

8. Mar 19, 2004 olsenmatt
"Ouch, that must've hurt really bad.. :s"

7. Mar 9, 2004 bluemango
"LMAO!! wow.. nasty"

6. Mar 8, 2004 decayer
"disgusting man"

5. Feb 26, 2004 atd

4. Feb 22, 2004 ordcat
"....oh dear god"

3. Nov 16, 2004 bexley
"Great photo, don't listen to the cry babies.

If you don't see any value in this as a stock photo, then don't use it! Plain and simple. Don't push your ideals or values on others. click next and carry on searching for teddy bears and flowers.. :)"

2. Aug 11, 2004 grayn
"i applaud you. i love how damn grotesque it is. ;) nice. and nice kitty."

1. Dec 20, 2004 Maarrii
"Your cat is crazy vicious! Great picture."

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