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Sharing images

Managing images

You can list all your uploaded images (and those that you already transferred from the Bulk uploader) at My photos / Home. By default the images are stored in your "Home" folder, but you can create additional folders if you like. You can change the order of the images by clicking on the titles above each column. Because of the lack of space there are some abbreviations. DL stands for number of downloads, RT for rating and CM for number of comments.

Uploaded images will not be accessible by the public immediately. Members of the freeimages quality control team (a.k.a. the administrators) check all the images to see if they fit the site. This means that they can be in three states: pending (marked by a yellow dot), approved (marked by green) and rejected (marked by red). You can read more about upload rules here.

You can edit all the image details, set usage restrictions and assign model releases to the image by clicking on the "Edit" button at the end of each row. For your convenience, you will find an "Edit" button on the image preview page as well. To edit the details of a whole folder of images, click on the "Edit all" button in the folder or go to My photos / Bulk editor and select the desired folder. If you need help on keywording etc., read the section Describing images here.

You can move images to other folders. To do this, just tick their respective checkboxes at the end of each row, select the folder from the dropdown menu at the bottom and press the little folder button beside it. You can also delete images by ticking their checkboxes and pressing "Delete selected" at the bottom of the page.

Managing folders

You can organize your work into folders - for example by theme. You can manage these folders on the My photos / Folders page. You can have 20 folders altogether.

To create a new folder you need to use the little form at the bottom of the folder list, and to edit the details of a folder use the "Edit" button.

If you want to delete a folder, just click on the "Delete" link at the end of the row. Important! When deleting a folder the photos in it are NOT also deleted - they are moved back to the "Home" folder. If you want to delete the photos as well, first delete them, and then remove the folder.

Managing releases

As you might already know, if you take pictures of people and intend to distribute those, you should always obtain written permission from your subjects. This written permission is called a model release. Professional stock photo agencies do not accept photos of people without model releases. We do accept them because there are many uses where the lack of releases is no problem at all, but we encourage everybody to be safe and do it the right way.

You can upload and assign model releases two different ways. One way to do it is to upload them on the My photos / Releases page and assign them later to the images either with the Bulk editor or the simple image editor.

If you use our FTP server (read more about it here) just upload another JPEG file with the prefix "mr_" in the filename, for example if you have a file called photo.jpg, the name of the model release should be mr_photo.jpg. However if you have a lot of people shots, you'll have lots of model releases too, and in that case it's better to use the previously described method.

Protecting images

Freeimages has a set of image restrictions in order to protect your work. Although due to the nature of the internet none of them can provide 100% safety, they can reduce the chance that your images will be used in a way you wouldn't be comfortable with.

Generally we don't recommend the use of image restrictions because the original spirit of the site is to share without any conditions.

In certain cases however it might be a good idea to set images permission protected, for example if you would like to make sure your portraits will be used only for purposes that you approve.

The following levels of restrictions are available on freeimages:
  • Standard restrictions apply
    In this case the image can be used for any purpose listed in the Image license agreement.

  • Contact for public use
    In this case the user has to notify you when using the image just to let you know that it will be used.

  • Contact and credit for public use
    This is the same as the above, except that the user will have to credit you in the product / website / etc. where your image gets used.

  • Written permission needed
    The user will only be able to download the image if you grant permission on our online interface (see My account / Requests). You can make a decision based on the data they enter in our request form.

1. Adding restrictions to your photos may decrease your exposure because people are usually looking for images that can be downloaded and used quickly and without much hassle.

2. It is impossible to track your images after they got downloaded, so we can't guarantee that the users will obey these restrictions. You don't have to worry though if you have lots of downloads and few people contact you - in many cases users just test the pictures or take a look at the large version. Downloading a picture does not equal using it.

3. If you set your images permission protected, be sure to check the requests regularly, or check the Important messages tickbox on the Profile page to receive alerts.

4. You are not allowed to ask any payment for any of the files you have on freeimages! For selling photos we recommend our sister site, iStockphoto. If you get caught selling photos here, your photos will be removed and your account will be cancelled.

Managing permission requests

If you have images that require written permission from users, you will find their permission requests on the My account / Requests page.

For each request you can decide whether you want to authorize the person to use the image or not. If you don't know enough you can also ask for more information from the user with that forum-like interface (see the Conversation column in the table), but you can also contact the user directly.

As the owner of the photo you can change the status of a request any time. If you delete a request it means that you rejected the request permanently.

Managing user comments

To see the latest comments that you received on your images, go to My account / Comments.

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