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That's right! Blogs on freeimages!

You can manage your blog at My account / Blog. You can add, edit and delete new posts there, and you can also upload image files that you would like to include in your posts.

Adding / editing posts

Adding and editing posts is easy! Just click on Add new post at the top, or click on Edit next to any of your existing posts.

For writing the post we recommend an external text editor. When you're done, just paste it into the form. You can write your post in plain text format, and you can enhance it with a set of HTML-like tags, for example for bold text just write [b]text[/b]. You can see all the tags you can use on the right hand side, next to the form.

You can also add images with those HTML-like tags. Images can be either linked from an external site or uploaded to your blog on freeimages. For more information on uploading blog images, please scroll down. To link external files you need to have the full URL. In case of uploaded files you only need the file name.

Important! Make sure your images are not wider than 378 pixels and only use alignment if you have some HTML knowledge, otherwise you will mess up the site layout and your post might get removed.

When you're done with the post just set the date, add a title, select an excerpt from the post that will be included in the listing, select a category and press submit. This will take you to the preview phase. If you tick the checkbox at the bottom of the preview page, your post will go live! Yay!

If your post is really interesting, it will be featured on the Browse / Home page and you'll get a lot of exposure. So if you have a great idea for a tutorial, don't hold back! ;)

» Have fun posting!

Uploading images for posts

As we mentioned earlier, you can add images to your posts with HTML-like tags. Images can be either linked from an external site or uploaded to your blog on freeimages.

You can upload up to 5 megabytes of images to your freeimages blog provided that you have at least one approved photo on the site.

To upload images just click on "Upload images" at My account / Blog. To link them, please use the appropriate tag. Note: you only need to add the file name, not the whole URL.

» Start blogging right now!

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