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Searching for images

Finding pictures on freeimages is very easy. Just type a keyword or two into the search box over the menu on the left, or if you would like to do a more specific search, just click on the Advanced search tab in the Browse menu. You can also browse image categories and user galleries. You can always find the list of categories at the top or if you click on Browse.

When you click on a thumbnail you are taken to the preview page where you'll find more information about the image, eg. keywords, size, usage restrictions and what others said about it. You can also add your own comment if you like. To see your comment history, go to My account / Comments.

Downloading images

Important! Before doing anything, always make sure that you've read everything on the image preview page, you are familiar with all the permitted uses and restrictions regarding the image and you will do your best to contact and give credit to the artist if it's necessary.

When you click on "Download", the image will open in a new window, embedded in a HTML page. To save the image, right click (Mac: CTRL-click) and select "Save as" from the menu. Do not rename the file or take note of the filename. You can use it to look up the file on the site later.

Some of the images on the site are available in a higher resolution. If you are looking for a higher resolution version of an image, you should always contact the artist. Please note that while the artist cannot demand payment for the images stored on the site, they can ask you to pay for larger versions.

Images that need written permission

Some of the images on the site can only be used with written permission from their respective artists. If you try to download a file like this, you will get prompted with a permission request form that you need to fill out as accurately as possible. You can check the status of your permission requests at My account / Requests.

Contacting users

If you would like to contact one of the artists you can send a message either by clicking on the little mail icon beside the nickname of the artist or by clicking on the "Contact user" button on the top of the artists' profile page.

Please note that we have no control over the artists' images, e-mail accounts and response time so we cannot guarantee that all of them will get back to you in a timely manner or at all.

Lightboxes / Managing favourites

You can store your favourite images in containers called Lightboxes. Simply click on the "Add to lightbox" buttons where available. Each lightbox can hold 60 images. They are kept private by default, but you can share them with others.

If you make a lightbox public, you can share it with your friends and colleagues by simply telling them the address of the lightbox. If you make a lightbox public AND searchable, it will be listed on the Lightboxes page and everyone will be able to take a peek. This is a great way to make image galleries based on theme, color or other ideas.

You can also gather your favourite users on the Lightboxes page. To add a new user, simply click on the appropriate icon next to the username on the image preview page. You can also click on Add to favourites on the artist profile page.

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