ISSUE 002 - July 1, 2006

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wagg66 (a.k.a Carl Dwyer) is a graphic designer originally from the UK who now lives in southern Germany with his wife and kids. His images are ranked in the top 20 for average downloads and received comments. Wagg66 shoots a Canon EOS 350D and Olympus 2000 Zoom.

site news

It's done. We installed a new server just for the freeimages database. This means the site is running on a whopping 3 servers. We have more space, more power, so keep those images coming!

The first ever official competition was a big success! We received a lot of great tutorial submissions in our blog section, and we hope you will enjoy them too. There can be only one winner though - and that winner is, well... Scroll down to the Competition section to find out!

Starting with the next issue of the newsletter, we will run longer, more in-depth interviews with our featured photographers, so stay tuned!

tips & tricks

» Sunshine by clix
Neat ray of lights effect!

» Tutorial 1: A white background by brokenarts
The first ever (and probably shortest) tutorial on freeimages discusses the easiest way to achieve a white background on your object shots.

» How to get rid of purple fringing by hilaryaq
What to do! You have taken a lovely photo, only to take it home and discover this purplish haze around the edges of the subject?

» Keen Sharpening by ugaldew
Learn a matchless sharpening technique using High Pass filter and Hard light blending in Photoshop.

» Advanced Blending Techniques in Photoshop
Jason Cranford Teague provides techniques for simulating double-exposure photography. »


Thanks to everyone who participated in the blog tutorial competition. We received some pretty awesome entries, many of which will be featured in the the upcoming newsletters. The admin team got together to decide the winner of the 1GB iPod Shuffle, and that is ugaldew a.k.a Mr. Miguel Ugalde! Congratulations, and thank you very much for all your efforts!

Meanwhile another competition took place inside and outside freeimages. It was organized by matchstick and friends, and people had to submit a photograph that represented their idea of "melancholy". The winner is SteveFE with this great photo! For more information and to see the other entries please visit the official site of the competition!

More competitions are coming up soon!

thanks for reading!

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The next issue will be out on August 1, 2006.

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