ISSUE 006 - November 1, 2006

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lemon_drop (a.k.a Kathryn McCallum) is a graphic designer from Orlando, FL. She is freeimages certified and shoots a Canon Digital Rebel XT and an Sony Cybershot DSC-V1. We caught up with lemon_drop and asked her about her love of photography.

Seems you like to photograph many different objects rather than focusing on one subject matter. How do you decide what you will be photographing on a given day?

It's all about recognizing opportunity. Sometimes I simply find that in my job I need a photo that I just can't find anywhere else and get the idea that way. Usually, more often than not, ideas just present themselves throughout the day and you have to be open to just letting them happen when they happen.

You appear to use a lot of natural light and ambient light, rather than studio lighting, for your photos. Is this correct? If so, what is the attraction to natural/ambient lighting?

Yes, this is true. Natural light looks more beautiful to me than studio lighting, and it's also a lot cheaper and easier to set up. It may be more fickle than studio lighting, but as I'm on the capricious side myself, that suits me just fine. I actually have studio lights and umbrellas and reflectors, but they just seem so awkward to me. Maybe if I could rope someone into being my assistant, I'll actually use them; until then, the sun is free and plentiful in Florida!

What do you mainly use Photoshop for when editing your images? What are your thoughts about the program?

I'm a graphic designer, so I use Photoshop daily at work. It's a great program and I use it often for correcting mistakes in exposure, color balance, skin imperfections, etc. but as I get more experience, I prefer to do most of my work with the camera and actual filters on my lenses, not the computer. It can look very amateurish when you see a heavily edited photo. On the other hand, Photoshop editing can be done very well and have a synergistic effect with the original photo. So it's definitely a balancing act.

Although this is a stock site, you have done a good job at making your photos your own. They are very distinct. How have you accomplished this?

I don't know, I just shoot what interests me. I'm somewhat of a romantic, so I prefer soft, dreamy photography that seems to be in its own world. I don't care if soft-focus filters are out of style, I'll use and abuse them to my heart's content.

What's next on the photography front for lemon drop?

Are you kidding? I don't even know what I'm doing for lunch. I do like Christmas, though, so I have a feeling there will be more seasonal photos to come. Ho ho ho!

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