ISSUE 008 - February 1, 2007

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intuitives (a.k.a Philippe Ramakers) is an freeimages-certified photographer and owner of Intuitivmedia, a small, one man royalty-free image provider. We caught up with intuitives and talked with him about his relationship with freeimages.

What motivated you to get into the stock photo business?
Basically I was looking for a way to pay more attention to the details of the world that surrounds me.

I used to have a kind of moody relation with the subject or object I shoot. I noticed that people can use these images in their design Work so I decide to combine Web design, photography, business.

How do you choose your subject matter? Is it demand driven?
I choose subjects that I can fall in love with. I try to get into the subjects world, to understand it, and of course to shoot it in a way that the image looks good and tell something to the viewers. I also look for the demand.

Has freeimages helped your paid stock photo business, Intuitivmedia?

Yes. In two ways:

1. The large sxc community makes useful comments on images and also inspires me with new visions.

2. Some people like my images on freeimages and visit intuitivmedia to get more.

Which came first for you? Freeimages or Intuitivmedia?
In 2001, I started the free 315dpi imagebank. In that time, I have discovered freeimages. Intuitivmedia came out later.

Are all the images at Intuitivmedia yours, or do you work as part of a team?
Yes, all images are mine. I tried to play the photo community game for a few months with my 315dpi site and realized that it is too much work for one person. Also freeimages was always better, so I decided to only sell my own images.

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