ISSUE 013 - August 15, 2007

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Vierdrie (a.k.a Jean Scheijen)

You have shot a wide variety of objects against a white or black background. Where do you get all these objects from? Did you own them already? Do you go out and buy them?

Most of the objects I own myself but some I get from colleages, friends and family. I ask everyone to search at home for objects to take photographs of. Some of the people don't understand which objects I mean so that's often a problem. They ask me: "You want to take a photograph of my old scissors??? Why? Who wants to use such photographs?" So, I have to explain about freeimages and the world of Stock photography, that's sometimes funny and I get a lot of strange faces.

How do you decide what you will photograph next? Where do you get your inspiration from? Have any clients asked you to shoot specific subjects?

On my website is the phrase "Photography is a part of my life". This is really true. Everywhere I go I look to see if there is an object or place I can photograph. Inspiration is in every corner! Sometimes I look on the freeimages site to get some inspiration. I see that there are many very creative users on it!! In some cases clients ask me to take photographs of specific objects, for example to photograph a certain kind of apple because the colour of the apple which I have online on freeimages is not good.

I see you use a compact point and shoot and a bigger Canon 30D for your stock. In what situations do you use each one?

The photographs which I take at home (in my homemade studio) I only use the 30D. In some cases it is not desiarble to take all my equipment with me. It's better to take the small camera. The problem is that when you're used to the semi-proffesional 30D equipment you're not satisfied by the small camera shoots, so now I use it very seldom. Altough I have to say that the sharpness/depth of the compact camera is much better than the SLR camera.

Your last few shots are landscape and environmental rather that studio shots. Should we expect to see more of these types of photos? What have you learned from starting to shoot the landscape and environmental stuff?

I'm temporarily out of objects!! So I had to search for other things to photograph. I'm also taking portraits and that's a lot of fun, especially when the persons are enthusiastic about it! I made a home studio with flash and an umbrella (it looks very nice and the results too). Every day I learn about photography. I read a lot of books about it and talk with a lot of people. There are always special tips or things that you didn't think of. Also the advantage of digital photography is that your work doesn't stop after you take the photograph. The fun starts at that point: hurray hurray Photoshop!!

In what ways do you find freeimages valuable?

In many ways! freeimages is a very inspiring website. You can see photographs from people all over the world. Everyone looks from his own perspective to photographing, and you can learn a lot form it. What I like the most is that you can expose your own photographs to other people, and they use them in their own graphic designs, websites, and so on! My own website ( is visited by many people who visit freeimages, so in that way I'm freeimages very thankful that I can expose my photographs.

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