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Black & White Zen

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»  black & white zen
so, excuse me but it's my wife. thank you all for comments.
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real-eyes (||)
on Mar 3, 2003
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96. Aug 27, 2013 cafeprinz
"very hot"

95. Jan 16, 2013 bufida
"I'd like to use this image and some screenshots of comments for my blog and/or FaceBook fan page. "

94. Sep 19, 2012 agtga
"I might use this photo to do a calendar."

93. Aug 28, 2012 ducks123
"я б ей вдул"

92. May 3, 2010 goddsmack
"Wow, This image is Hot!!, Should check out this too m/doc/30826551/UFC-1- 13-Machida-vs-Shogun- -2-Live-Streaming-Wa- tch-it-Free"

91. Apr 14, 2010 ltpgo
"got a new blog about golfing. I will download this amazing image for future use. Will notify you again ... cheers http://www.learntopl-"

90. Mar 31, 2010 thmnews
"This image is awsome, might gonna use it at I'll notify you again, once I really use it."

89. Mar 4, 2010 lUna_tic
"Very beautiful, Used and credited here :"

88. Oct 15, 2009 rosalieart
"very nice pose, very striking. The only thing I'd suggest other than the elbow is to maybe have her open her arms a bit so that it mirrors the way she has spread her legs. very very nice composition and lighting. (and please, people, get a life and don't leave lewd comments. nudity is not porn.)"

87. Jan 12, 2009 banj0e
"wrong category, if it were my images it will be immediately rejected mFKrs"

86. Jan 3, 2009 Columbine
"Anyone know why this is in the male portraits section?"

85. Dec 23, 2008 liquid008
"nice.........should have another one bending over pose"

84. Nov 23, 2008 popjosef
"nice shot, i would perhaps use more minor lights such as candles and such and avoid the camera flash(es). I do like black n whites. keep it up!"

83. Sep 12, 2008 eday_2010
"I would like to know from some commenters when the nude female body became pornographic. the subject is not doing anything pornographic. nudity is not pornography. Try using your head."

82. Aug 25, 2008 r1k3r
"Nice image, thanks, used on"

81. Jul 9, 2008 einherjer1
"those hips look like the hips of a 12 year old..."

80. Jun 18, 2008 zotega
"Thank you for the beautiful image, to the people cheapening the site with pointless sleasy comment, go buy a porn mag, this isn't the place for you. I have used it in a personal project, you can view here: http://Zotega.devian- pe-89030975 Thanks again!"

79. May 17, 2008 TBPopper
"I wish people weren't so callous to your photo. What is art? Art is personal to the individual. I think it's a good shot of the female form. And I'm sorry that the comments are so rude."

78. May 3, 2008 tdnb
"nice :)"

77. Apr 16, 2008 gabrielayb
"gracias por presentarnos a tu esposa!"

76. Feb 15, 2008 n_destroy
"a good graphic designer can use this shot a hundred times, and for the record I think she's hot!"

75. Feb 2, 2008 hulyahulya
"very beautiful"

74. Feb 1, 2008 Soniclight
"Some of the critiques here are a bit judgemental. Granted, this image could have some improvements such as showing the full figure (elbow). And yes, the quality isn't that great as posted here, nor th scene that inspiring. BUT it is a gently elegant and innocent pose. I hope you think of further developing this idea. Her body and pelvic area are very nice, too :)"

73. Nov 12, 2007 amesibub
"Oh & yes guys... some women DO have hair on their arms. I am blonde so mine is blonde, she is dark haired so hers will be dark. It's human and is beautiful no matter what."

72. Nov 12, 2007 amesibub
"I believe this is a nice shot but would have been better with the elbow included. I dsagree wit it being soft porn or a worthless shot. Keep up your great work as many of us like it. I am female, not male and am not offended by this at all. I congratulate your wife for having the guts for such a shot."

71. Oct 13, 2007 modish
"henrikdahl, sorry, but i can't resist to say, that You're such a bloody idiot! much more idiot, than a girl has hair on her arms."

70. Aug 4, 2007 kafkef
"I used here http://www.deviantar- 8106/ Thank u very much !"

69. Jul 2, 2007 tattooed
"http://www.deviantar- 1988/ (i'll also be adding the aforelinked piece to my own website eventually ("

68. Jun 24, 2007 Kassia
"i like your idea, i can see what youve tried to do, but i dont think its worked as well as it could have? i think the scene doesnt work at all."

67. Jun 19, 2007 ZaNuDa
"Did you really think women never have hair on their arms??? :)))"

66. Jun 4, 2007 henrikdahl
"Pretty worthless photo, I'd say. Also, her arms are hairy!(?)"

65. May 20, 2007 RamiDowler
"this is one of the worst photos here, i love naked women but this is just horrible lol"

64. May 15, 2007 Magnuzz
"This aint a shot, it aint a port shot, it aint a picture. You can see the bloody shadows, and the tits? And its quality is hell! "

63. Mar 28, 2007 annastasia
"Black and white is perfect for this. It converts what COULD be considered soft porn by some conservatives into an artistic study and it says' there's a story here'. Nice bod too!"

62. Mar 27, 2007 PiaBirk
"Porn? I can hear you have never been to Denmark! Grin!!"

61. Jan 26, 2007 foundBlue
"if i wanted to see a naked woman in a photo, i'd use something with more substance. a girl, just naked, isn't even sexy! this is obviously for the horny men out there. this is isn't the place to post this kind of bs! take it to a porn site!"

60. Dec 28, 2006 abejo
"Excellent photo"

59. Oct 10, 2006 bdopudja

58. Oct 7, 2006 stocker
"Perfect feminine curves. "

57. Sep 27, 2006 polska1
"Beautiful model, beautiful photo"

56. Jul 25, 2006 lessprit
"Nice picture,probably going to use it in a manip for Deviantart.Going to give you the link when it's done.Or do you prefer to see it first?"

55. May 30, 2006 donjolley
"As an artist AND designer, husband of 20 years, father of three daughters, and rather conservative individual, I love this picture for the beauty of the form. Her shapes are an artist's dreams; real and fluid (no pun intended). Sure, the elbow inclusion is critical, but the picture is far from porn, and DOES dignify the gentleman's wife."

54. May 9, 2006 bcygni
"A very classic, refined example of a nude, and particularly striking in black and white. Very well done!"

53. May 8, 2006 daltonee
"i agree - what use is this to a graphic designer who doesn't have a free hosted website dedicated to naked women - your wife is your treasure to be guarded not exploited - she is special and doesn't have to pose for your camera - this just looks like you are a peeping tom with night vision"

52. Apr 27, 2006 crisko
"Great pic , lovely!!"

51. Apr 16, 2006 gredge
"This photo compliments (sp?) the female figure very well. May use it sometime in the future, will give you the link if i do."

50. Apr 12, 2006 Kerbi
"Used this in http://www.deviantar- thank-you. :)"

49. Mar 28, 2006 PinkAvenge
"only in under-educated America would anyone call this "porn""

48. Mar 26, 2006 xaler
"Why is this considered art but anyting like this with a man in it is porn?"

47. Mar 24, 2006 CraigPJ
"Very nice."

46. Mar 16, 2006 c_francis
"Apparently most of these people are too uncreative to think about the possibilities of this photo. Yeah elbow, bla bla bla, but get your minds out of the gutter and look at the shape and form, not at the nipple. "

45. Mar 1, 2006 secureroot
"i don't find the artistic part in this image !"

44. Mar 1, 2006 secureroot
"i dont'l like the image ! bad execution !!!! ;)"

43. Feb 12, 2006 Cypherus
"You have a beatiful wife, take care of here. Beatiful artwork, great artist."

42. Jan 26, 2006 raintiger
"Okay, I don't know what's with all the obscenity or calling this pr0n or whatever. When I first saw this image, what sprung to mind is, "How beautiful!" and "Very artsy!" I like how the position is so open, like she's not even remotely shy about her body. Geeze, "nudity" doesn't always mean "naughty" or "shameful." Stunning photo, real-eyes! I love it."

41. Dec 18, 2005 revrendwil
"great photo real i believe you captured it yvery well sorry so many jerks around looking for porn or something"

40. Oct 31, 2005 Jabz
"Nice to look at! :)"

39. Feb 21, 2005 JMGRIFFIN

38. Jan 5, 2005 CassandraK
"Hello there,
I've used this photo for a piece on DeviantArt (this is not a commercial application) http://www.deviantar- 9846/
I do hope you like it(:>)"

37. Dec 10, 2004 Ivory
"very beautiful"

36. Nov 7, 2004 jynmeyer
"Does your WIFE know she's posted here?

Im glad I dont let my hubby take nekid shots of me!"

35. May 19, 2004 Anissa
"a very nice one, thanks :)"

34. Apr 28, 2004 bribri
"nice - so are you saying you have a wife and girlfriend?"

33. Mar 30, 2004 tomatokill
"Pity for the elbow! But many good curves ... You have a beautifull bathroom ... lol"

32. Mar 23, 2004 LotusHead
"Nice girlfriend, whats the wife look like? Some pics plz *grin"

31. Dec 18, 2003 boarsai
"Too many people either turn up their nose at the first sign of nudity or start panting like an undersexed dog. Quit humping legs and don't be so negative to nudity. This image might not be the most artisitc but it does have some half decent starting points for a photoshopped peice. You'd be surprised at what oddities someone can turn into a work of art."

30. Dec 8, 2003 iivii
"nice pic, I concur... the elbow is a problem, but... since you have a wife and a girlfriend, perhaps you can get her/them to do another photo shoot. and get the elbows this time. :-D"

29. Dec 1, 2003 jstatham
"For the person who can't see any way to use this in a graphic design context, are you blind? Play around with this and you could have a lovely illustration for an erotic story or even the basis of a digital painting of a bathing nymph. You could do tons with the photograph."

28. Nov 25, 2003 Steg0
"as ghostwrite said.. you have a wife and a girlfriend? i wish my boyfriend was so accepting"

27. Nov 22, 2003 mygod
"damn! she os HOT!

can i eat you? :D"

26. Nov 5, 2003 real-eyes
"i'm very sorry for you "lastbreath", but i think you watched tv too much and to late. You'r just an "idiot"."

25. Nov 5, 2003 mKay
"I'm so not impressed with the juvenile comments some of you left. A shaved clit? Do you even know what a clit is?"

24. Oct 24, 2003 LastBreath
"Dude, I would so screw your girlfriend. Is your wife this hot?? Man, I'd love a threesome with them! Are they into sodomy at all?"

23. Oct 14, 2003 ghostwrite
"You have a wife and a girlfriend?


22. Sep 16, 2003 gothmind
"I just wish the elbo wasn't cut off... "

21. Aug 18, 2003 Lau
"Agree with Jumi, sorry."

20. Aug 18, 2003 jumi
"Tasteful? Not very. Pretty cheap. Not artful, though maybe the 'artist' would like it to be. Sorry if I upset anyone, but the quality is much too poor for it to rise above the category "Nude Pics Of My Girlfriend"."

19. Aug 9, 2003 digidream
"amazingly erotic but in a tasteful tone. Excellent."

18. Jun 25, 2003 Dustoli
"Hot damn! I wish I could get my lady to do that. Great shot!"

17. Jun 12, 2003 bluerock
"seriously erotic..!"

16. Jun 2, 2003 fish
"this is really nice. Gonna have to ask my girlfriend to pose too ;)"

15. May 22, 2003 neverretur
"i want to see her shaved clit :D"

14. Feb 1, 2004 johnatjmem
"WOW! That's real beauty! Perfect"

13. May 14, 2003 Bortonia
"RE dristici: What were you doing, examining the photo so closely, hey? (Just jokes! Good shot!)"

12. Apr 14, 2003 winddancer
now's that's what I call beautiful!

@dristici what do you mean? nothing abnormal imho ;)"

11. Apr 4, 2003 dristici
"If you don't mind me sayin'...and I'm a surgeon...she's got breast cancer probably....look in the middle...."

10. Apr 3, 2003 tcarole
"You have a girlfriend AND a wife? Lucky you!"

9. Mar 13, 2003 GGD
"Tons of uses here. Too many to list I'm sure. Beauty products, Spa promo, etc... Use partially or fully as illustration base. Or to express passion, sexuality, love... Lighten up motemgzn. Open your mind."

8. Mar 13, 2003 chelle2008
"i agree with the elbow... but other than that, nice image. tasteful and subtle. here you go, i used it twice already to make wallpapers :) cheers and thank you!

http://www.digikitte- les/chelle2008/showe- rflower.jpg

http://www.digikitte- les/chelle2008/pixse- rve.jpg"

7. Mar 6, 2003 zrs
"Again a nice photo.. but it would have been better (and more useful) if you didn't miss out her elbow."

6. Mar 5, 2003 real-eyes
"if you don't want to see it don't come man!"

5. Mar 5, 2003 motemgzn
"I didn't really want to see this sort of thing on this site. How is it practical to a graphic designer? Maybe I lack the imagination to see this as something other than sexual and voyeuristic. If someone has a use for this, I'd like to see it in context. The boys must be pleased. "

4. Mar 4, 2003 Witchcr@ft
"now this is true art, fatastic!"

3. Mar 4, 2003 raind00g
"Very nice. What did you shoot it with?"

2. Mar 4, 2003 real-eyes
"give me a comment pleaze :))"

1. Mar 3, 2003 loomes
"....she is soo sexy.."

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