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Henk L

Only looking for the beautiful nature of things and people. And sometimes I will capture it with a photo. And if I am really lucky, it gets accepted here at SXC. And I will be truely grateful and happy if you would use one of my photo's and credit my work. Please rate and comment my work if you downloaded it. Please, do NOT sell my pictures. If you want to use one of my photos for a certain hard-copy, I would like to have one as well. You could have a look at even better quality images on Stockxpert: You could support my work by downloading photos/graphics from Stockxpert. -23 januari 2006: first uploaded picture -18 april 2006: first commercial stock available on Stockexpert -7 august 2006: 100.000 downloads -25 februari 2007: 200.000 downloads -20 oktober 2007: 300.000 downloads

Amsterdam, Holland, fi
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