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Karsten Hamre

Born in 1971 in Stavanger, Norway. Completed the studies of Form & Text, (photography, journalism, graphic design, and media) at Skjeberg Folk High school, Norway in May 1993. Graduated the Information Assistant Course (General media, journalism for radio, TV and printed mediums et cetera) at Rogaland Media Center in May 1994. Has been active with music for over 10 years, starting in August 1994 when Penitent was formed. Currently also releasing music under the names Arcane Art, Defraktor, Dense Vision Shrine, The Flux Komplex and Veiled Allusions. Not only composing the music, but also taking the photos and doing graphic design for the CD releases. I am doing Audio & Audio/Visual shows under my own name, as well as under the name Defraktor.

Stavanger, Rogaland, lb
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