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Kelly Fick

Hi My name is Kelly Fick. I turned 14 on the 23 of April 2009. I first discovered my love for photography with a small Sony DSC-W35 almost 2 years ago. It took better photos than most SLR like cameras. I decided to get a little bit more serious with my photography, and got a Sony DSC-H2 (SLR like camera). Now i have recently decided that I see photography as a career, so, once again, i have upgraded, to a OLYMPUS Evolt E-500 DSLR. Regards Kelly Fick I remember the first time I got paid to do some photography; it was for a lady with 75 horses on a guest farm. She replied to my add saying she is looking for a decent photographer to take some quality photos for her. I was ever so happy but felt as if she would never ever talk to me if I told her I was only 13 and had a small point and shoot, I thought, oh well, if she doesn’t like my camera or age then too bad for her, so I proceeded to tell her. To my astonishment she replied saying that she doesn’t care how old I am or what camera I use, the only thing that mattered was the fact that I knew how to take photos. Ever since that day, I have not given up on my photography, no matter what anyone says.

plumstead, western cape, kz
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