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Andreas Krappweis

Hi, I'm really glad that you like my photos. - For any kind of use please give me a note: - sure it will be ok. Please DON'T ask via image-comment - I'll remark it too late for sure and you'll have to wait... - Please credit by listing my name 'Andreas Krappweis' in your project, website, flyer, book or whatever. - I love to get links to or snapshots of your projects where my images are used. Just email me - Your comments on my images are very welcome! - Due to SXC´s limited file size, you find many of my photos in a reduced resolution. You´ll find them in high resolution - up to 24 Megapixels - on Look for 'Contributor: andreaskrappweis' or copy and paste this link into your browser:

Neubiberg, Bavaria, gp
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