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Joseph Hoban

Please note the terms and conditions of use: images may be used in not-for-profit projects free of charge. In such instances, notification is required, as well as a copy of the finished work. If you wish to use my images in any other way, you must contact me to negotiate an agreement. (eg: book covers, print on demand, template use without payment, DVD covers, wallpaper sites, e-card sites). Often I am happy to cooperate without payment, but I reserve the right to make that decision via correspondence with you. You may use these images online, but I would like to be informed of where they are. If you use my work, a link would be appreciated. 10,000 downloads: 10/12/2007 20,000 downloads: 12/02/2008 30,000 downloads: 18/04/2008 40,000 downloads: 11/07/2008 50,000 downloads: 01/11/2008 60,000 downloads: 28/02/2009 70,000 downloads: 30/08/2009

Dublin, Ireland, pm
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