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Lorenzo González

Well, as an amateur photographer I think I could be defined as a big boy fascinated by little beings. Thanks to digital technology I can take a closer look at the tiny worlds thriving around us. I've been able to portray turtles and toys so far, but I'd like to get a better camera and take pictures of insects, spiders and some other small and astonishing creatures. I also have a liking for the bizarre and the unusal, although the bizarre I like best is the day-by-day bizarre we overlook as we walk by... ancient houses, ugly monuments, sun-bleached circus posters peeling off the walls, grafittis, quaint citizens... I'll keep uploading images as soon as I take them. Greetings for all the community, "L" PD: I encourage you to criticise my pictures, as I want to improve... but I won't welcome remarks made of less than three words.. so, If you are going just to write something like "nice", "funny" "awful" "lame" "yuck!" or "Wow", you'd better give up. English and Spanish are linguae francae full of expressive posiblities. Let's take advantage of them, uh?

Huelva, Huelva, an
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