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At the beginning I had dreams and plans. For these become true have done everything what I could. For now I can dream and create in place of others. Most of the times the people would not think that from a simple idea what will can be. Everybody is different, but I hope those feelings what I would like to show through my pictures make them become one. Redistribution or selling my images without written permission is prohibited. I do not authorize the use of my images for promoting communism, nazism. racism, pornography, satanism, religion propaganda or animal cruelty. more is coming soon... Thanks to all those SXC users who have downloaded my images and also thanks for all your comments and messages! //I really appreciate if you send me a message when you use one of my pictures and please send me a picture of the work you created.// //It is not necessary to credit me but it would be nice!// Be happy!

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