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Piotr Ciuchta

hello. my introduction to photography was made with my father's zenith camera. it started from there and continued with 'my own' russian cmeha camera in early youth but had to be put aside by many different things. few years ago i started getting back on the photo tracks from another angle. this time it was through my work. i am graphic & web designer for over five years now and photo editing was always part of my daily work routine. i've discovered this website couple years back and always liked the idea of free stock photography that i was using in my work and really wanted to participate as a photographer as well. i was using every camera that was in my reach to make shots and publish them here... finally i got my digital 10d and enjoy the sweet sound of shutter taking another photograph. right now i need to share my passion with other things in life but i am trying to spend as much time with the camera as i can... and i do enjoy every little minute of it. as for my photographs here - use them for your projects as all of them are free of restrictions (apart from standard ones) but be aware that i do not wish to see my photographs used in any form that is illegal or abusive. do that and you are getting yourself in big trouble. last thing to say - thank you all for sharing your photos, your emails, comments and photo ratings they mean a lot to me and are part of my learning curve. yes, some of them boost my ego a bit as well ;) i love to read comments and see my photographs put into creative spin for your needs. just to know that they are useful for someone. once again - thank you all, and thanks for reading this ;) peace ////download stats///// 01.12.2007 / 47000 17.12.2008 / 50000 21.01.2008 / 55000 27.02.2008 / 65000 08.03.2008 / 70000 21.03.2008 / 75000 04.04.2008 / 80000 18.04.2008 / 85000 04.05.2008 / 90000 20.05.2008 / 95000 06.06.2008 / 100000 17.07.2008 / 110000 29.08.2008 / 120000 20.02.2009 / 150000 06.09.2009 / 190000

Glasgow, Scotland
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