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A bit about myself: I\\\'m a 21 years old hobby photographer. I\\\'m not really an expert with photography and such, but I love taking photos non-the-less. The camera I\\\'ve mostly been using is an Olympus [Âľ] D600, as stated in the \\\\\\\"Camera equipment\\\\\\\". I recently bought a long awaited Nikon D80 but I\\\'m learning how to use since it\\\'s a LOT more advanced camera than the Olympus! Either way. I\\\'ll most likely be out in the forest or elsewhere in the wonderful nature of God and taking photos for you to see ;) You may use the photos however you like according to the SXC Terms of use. If you want to tell me where or how you\\\'ve used the photo is up to you. But I\\\'m still curious to know :) Also, if you see any photo you like; please be kind to drop by a comment. I would greatly appreciate any comments or feedback! Thanks!

Stockholm, Bandhagen, Sweden
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