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Penny Mathews

Photography all began for me with a two mega pixel Fuji camera. I couldn't stop taking photos! I took one photo and sold it for seven hundred and fifty dollars. I knew then that I was a good photographer, and if I tried hard I could make a go of it. Four years later here I am. My photos have been used in so many different things it still amazes me. I never go anywhere without my camera, because you never know when an amazing shot just might pop up! :) If you use my photos please credit me with my real name. I enjoy taking photos, and hearing what other people have to say about them. So please leave some feedback :) I really would like to know when/if my photos are being used for anything good. So please if you use one of my photos let me see what it was used for. Thanks! If you would like a larger res or eps file for a select image please contact me. Also take a look at my portfolio site for more information.

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