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Grazyna Suchecka

Hi, Feel free to use the photos I've uploaded. You can credit me if you like, or leave a comment, it would be great to get some feedback. Also, I'd be delighted to see how the images have been used. The 'childhood home' series is of special significance to me as it depicts the place where I lived in the years 1971-1986 which is the first fifteen years of my life. Sadly, the things in the photos will inevitably (and probably quite soon) cease to exist. At least, they might survive in this form. The series and the gallery itself are in memory of my late Father, Jan Suchecki (1935-1983). I know he had some creative ideas but never had the means to put them into practice. Thanks for viewing both the photos and my profile.

Nisko, Podkarpacie, la
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