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Ben Timages

Before stumbling upon Photoshop, I led a completely different life as a pilot. No, not the big jets – I preferred low level flying. Most of my flying was in Outback Australia, including aerial stock mustering – rounding up cattle with a plane. I took up cattle mustering by plane in an effort to get into mustering cattle by helicopter, but never flew helicopters much past gaining my commercial licence. Instead, I fulfilled another ambition by flying for an airline in Papua New Guinea, where airstrips are scraped out of the sides, tops or bases of mountains and wrapped in enough cloud to make life interesting! Enjoying a front row view of the earth, sea and sky from varying heights above the planet was a buzz, as much as the flying. However, I eventually tired of living by myself (and nearly NOT!) ... and out of suitcases. Low level flying was fun, but I finally became wary of kicking Lady Luck too often. And then I met my beautiful wife. :D Life after flying exposed me to computers, and my joy in discovering that Photoshop would allow the malicious yet nondestructive distortion of photos was overwhelming! I also love creating metal sculptures by twisting iron. Check out my website So, I’m just an autodidactic rookie who’s neurones are synapsing off left, right and centre (left brain, right brain, what’s in the middle?!) I haven’t developed any particular style yet – other than experimental. Is ambidexterity legal yet? I hope not. When flying, you avoid experimentation, but in art, you’re free to go wild, so I’m eternally grateful that my passion for flying translated to a love of art!

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