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Brandon Keim

I'm a freelance journalist, and it's relaxing to play with images instead of words sometimes. Feel free to use anything for non-commercial purposes (and if you'd like to give me a heads-up or some feedback, it's much appreciated.) For commercial use, please get in touch first. Higher-resolution versions are also available. / note / A recurring and justified concern with my pre-#438101 images is their noisiness. This is due to a combination of low ISOs, attempts to correct for an unsteady hand or soft focus, and my own predilection for ultra-sharpness. Recently, however, I've discovered the joys of Noise Ninja. While I think noise is actually less of a problem than people usually think, there are times when it gets in the way. If you need a noise-free version of an image for commercial use, please get in touch.

New York, NY, at
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