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Camilla Carvalho

Hi! I'm Camilla Carvalho, a brazilian photographer who works with portraits. One of my hobbies is photographing the places I visit. Most of the pictures I take during trips are not incredible or special, but since the places are amazing I think some people can find a use to them. To use my photos please contact me here or by mail I will answer fast. It is the owners right to request permission to use photos. This is to avoid images being used for undesirbale purposes. I most often allow use without a problem whatsoever. With larger mainstream projects. I would like to know my image is being used before I or a friend sees it on the tv (which has happened before) hehe. This really helps with my portfolio also. It is really appreciated. I do not expect payment so please do not worry about this aspect. I have a vast array of genre/subjects for my photography. If you need something special, contact me by mail If I can, I will help you. My stock is NOT for use to promote / condone or contain sites which are pornographic, dating sites (this includes escort services) or racist in any way shape or form. If you have a query regarding this (if you are unsure if your site etc falls into this category) please email me. If you use my photos to promove it, I will process you.

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