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Michael Cossey

I enjoyed taking snapshots even as a young boy -- although it dismayed my mother when she developed rolls of what she called wasted shots. As a very young child -- five or six -- it seems that I liked taking pictures of cars as they passed on the street. At 16, I became a jack of all trades at the local weekly newspaper. After starting out typing copy, I moved to the sports department and conned the bosses at letting me do some photography. I was terrible. I've since developed my skills slightly through some good instruction, lots of trial and error and plenty of hands-on experience. I spent a total of eight years working in journalism. I also spent several years as a fireground photographer -- covering the local fire department. It was on the fireground that I truly discovered my love of photography... and my love for the fire department. I became a firefighter in 2000 and now call photography my hobby. With the pictures I upload to the stock.xchng, I'm certainly not out to gain any fame or fortune. However, everyone likes credit for the work they do. If nothing else, please drop me an e-mail to let me know how my photos are serving you.

Little Rock, AR, at
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