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carli rankin

i'm a photography minor at sam houston state university in texas (criminal justice major). as i've finished all but one photography class at this point, most of my photography i do these days is for fun. it's also mostly digital because it requires less work. ;) i do enjoy working with polaroid film though. i love all the different kinds of manipulations that are possible with it. now if only i had a slide printer... you may notice some of my photos are kind of small. i do have larger versions of most of them (if they're already 1024x768 or so, i may not have the original larger files anymore) so if you find something you want and it's too small, just let me know and i'll get you a bigger copy. :) also, i know some people bitch about restrictions, but let me say this: the ONLY reason i've put ANY restrictions on any of my work is because i'm simply curious about how it's being used. that being said, go ahead and use my photos... just try to drop me a line if/when they've been used so i can see how you incorporated them into your own projects, please! :)

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