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Dennis M. Andrews de paul

Hi! I'm Dennis M. Andrews de Paul here with you. I love designing as well as the PHOTOGRAPHY. NOW'm the amateur, producing the most of cutting edge designs and Photography in Dubai-UAE. For more details, contact: or Call: +971 55 9126 717. On usage of the Image: Henceforth, as I love these image provider website to the very end, I would like to contribute as much as to SXC. I try and cater purely to popular taste and utility value when creating stock images. You'll find a lot of graphical elements in my work. It brings me great happiness when my images prove useful to someone. I appreciate and accept all critique's and comments coming my way. Since, I'm fairly a new design amateur towards Photography. I would like to modify the images using photoshop tools inquiring in photoshop retouching as well. Please read this carefully. I do not allow the usage of my images of 'print-on-demand' items or any other items for mass production where my image is almost categorised under POS / POP or some of the promotional items such as T-shirts, Mugs, Mousepads, tote bags etc. Any such usage of my images would strictly consist of copyright infringement. I usually spend most of the time over the internet. So if you violate the terms of usage of my images, you'll get caught /feels senseless in this World of Advertising age. --------------------------------------------- However you may use my images freely for the purposes listed below Blogs, Powerpoint templates, Personal greeting cards (not for mass production or sale), Personal prints for wall decoration etc .. again not for mass production or sale, Corporate identity (visiting cards like some small stationary items etc) For more clarity on the usages, log on: Note: For any usage, recommended to shout me a mail request, regards to the permission. I really appreciate such notifications of how you are using my images on the substrates. You may not allowed to upload my images to any other stock photo/illustration sites. Finally : I OCCASIONALLY use brushes and vectors in my images which belong to public domain by the creators permission, more or less in a minor way. I still double check by contacting the creators whenever possible if it is okay to use them. So please don't flame me for plagiarism. I give credit wherever it is due and I NEVER use brushes or vectors which I am not permitted to use. P.S : I love SXC like anything and I prowl on SXC almost all day browsing through loads of wonderous photography and art. Honest:) Cheers & Nice smile..., my cool blokes:) Thanks and best regards, dennis m. andrews de paul, GD

T. Nagar, India, India
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