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Drausio Haddad

Drausio Rafael Haddad is a multimedia artist and developer, who has been working with art since his early childhood. Starting out as a musician at age 8, Drausio has performed with numerous bands throughout South America, as a pianist, keyboard player, guitarist, and bassist. Born and raised in Brazil, he moved to New York in 1998 where he lived 7 years and worked with many international artists, exhibited his works at diverse NYC Film Festivals, produced a one-piece program for CBS NY's "60-Minutes" prime-time show, and taught multimedia design courses in public schools and as a private instructor. NYC is where Drausio furthered his education and developed his knowledge and passion for design, video and multimedia. In 2004, Drausio graduated with Honors, receiving a degree in Multimedia Design & Video from the City University of New York. Since mid-2004, Drausio lives and works in France, where he continues his career as a freelancer by developing websites, graphics,videos, as well as interactive projects & installations. Drausio is currently Art director and lives now in Paris.

Paris, Paris, za
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