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D. Sharon Pruitt

Home of Pink Sherbet Photography and freelance stock photographer, D. Sharon Pruitt. I create high quality stock images for you. I also have a large collection of stock photos currently licensed with Getty Images. Please be kind when using my images. If you think the useage may be questionable, you're probably right. If it wouldn't make your grandmother happy, don't do it. Karma always comes back around, good and bad. Please respect my work. ** If you intend to use my images commercially or for profit, such as on greeting cards, book covers, posters, magazines, etc., I ask that I receive photo copyright credits somewhere on the product as "D. Sharon Pruitt". I' d also appreciate a copy of the finished product(s) to add to my portfolio. Email me at for more information. I specialize in images of families, chidren, teenagers, one-of-a-kind textures, fun foods and everyday objects. *Nearly all my images here are downsized slightly because the files are just too large to upload to Stock.Xchng. I always shoot in RAW, convert to 8 bit .TIFF files, then convert to .JPG for highest quality. I retain the original high resolution images on my computer, please contact me if you need a larger size of my image(s). *Some of my OLDER images were shot in .JPG with either a Canon EOS XSi or with a Canon EOS XTi.

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