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Patrick Moore

Please feel free to use any of my photos in your projects! So long as you aren't reselling the image by itself, I don't care what you do with it. So many creative people have used my photos in magazine pages, as part of a web site design or on a web site / blog, accompanying online articles, as jigsaw puzzles, computer software, screensavers, and loads of other projects. All uses are fine by me! Photo credit certainly not required, but if you so choose please credit to "Patrick W. Moore" or "Patrick Moore". Link back to or this SXC profile if you like. If you are selling a product/publication that includes one of my works, I would ask that you credit to me somewhere in the material. I'm always eager to see how my shots are used, so please email me or comment to let me know! 275,000+ downloads. I'm so happy some of you have found some of my shots useful. Thanks!

Duluth, Minnesota, at
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