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edmondo dantes

Hello! I'm 33 years old and i live in italy. I like walking in the streets with my camera into my pocket, music, cinema, LOST, C.S.I., Prison Break, reading, writing, camel cigarettes and drink vodka. I dislike the opportunist, ignorance, violence, arrogance, weapons, hot food and the vulgarity. If you want, you can use my pics without problem and if you use my photos in a public work, i'm very happy! ( Please write me! Please!!) See you again!! 14/04/2007 large thanks to all the persons who have appreciated my photographies. I love to you. in this particular moment of my life all this has an immense value. long life to the community of sxc!!!! 14/04/2008 Once again, thanks!!! Thanks to you, wherever you are. Thanks for the comment that you leave 20/04/2009 It's a proud for me to share my work with you. 10/05/2010 The adventure continues...... 20/05/2011 everything change so fast 30/05/2012 it's nice have friend from the four corner of the Earth! 19/05/2013 Hi everyone, thanks for write me when you use my pics. 10/05/2014 time goes by

torino, italy, uk
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