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Michal Filip Gmerek

Hello there! I'm an amateur photographer from Wroclaw (Lower Silesia/Poland) just starting my adventure with photography. If you like or dislike my photos, please leave a comment - they're very welcomed. If you would like to use my photos - you have to ask me for permission first, than you must notify me where you want to use it and when you have my permission you have to credit a photo with my full name - "Michal Gmerek". Finally I would like to recive some more info about your work using my photo/photos. Give me some links or something. I really like to know where my photos have been used :) If you want photos with higher resolution (mostly I have them) - just ask. I forbid to use my photos for purposes like pornography, racism, cruelty, sadism or fascism!

Wroclaw, DLNSL, la
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