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Hello... Well, to start off, I live in Alaska, and love it :) I have one, female Border Collie named Liberty (you'll hear her as Libby) and is a cutie. I don't have any other pets, but hope to get some horses soon. I take once a week horse riding lessons here, luckily in an inside arena :p. Well, I think that's it? If you want to know anything else give me a holler. I love photography and plan to enjoy it for a while. I take a variation of photos, mostly landscapes, my dog, and some horses :). Although I have a few odds and ends... I also love to photo manipulate. Mostly equine manipulations. Thanks if you use any of my stock photos. I'd love to see your completed work and credits must be on the completed work. A link would be nice too :) If you have any requests feel free to ask me if I can do it- I just might be able too!

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