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Maibel Ziello

Hi folks! I am a photographer and creative director of a print magazine called Life and the Single Parent based in South Florida (USA). ABOUT MY PHOTOGRAPHY: Visit Please do not sell my photographs, for example, as part of a collection of photos for sale. I retain all rights and privileges to anything I have posted of my own. I do not want anyone to directly sell my photos that I post for free. Using these photos as part of a product you wish to sell is perfectly fine. Let me know how you're using photos. Provide a link when used online and credit me on the image itself or somewhere on the Website/Twitter/Facebook exceptions. ****PLEASE CREDIT AS FOLLOWS*** Maibel Ziello, Thanks! MAGAZINE: As creative director, I continually look for great images to include in the pages of our publication. Please know that any photo used gets fully credited in print with the photographers full name as long as you have provided it in your profile. For more info on LSPMagazine, visit online at We accept photo submissions. If you have images you would like to submit for consideration, you can email them directly to LSPM at Attn: Creative Director. Be sure to reference your contact info & how you wish to be credited along with stated permission to use as a royalty free image. If we need additional info, we will contact you. If image(s) accepted for future use, we will notify you. All submissions must be your own work and you must have model release for any models you use in photos who are recognizable (especially children). Please provide that info along with your submission. To be considered, photos must be print quality (300 dpi straight out of camera, no sizing up in photoshop please and yes, we can tell). Images should be no smaller than 5x7. No cell phone pics please. Our publication is growing quickly and are soon to be in the stores of a major grocery chain. What type of images do we use: kids being kids single parent (images of child/children with mom or dad) images showing healthy living teens video gaming school studying movies holiday love relationships single parenting divorce money saving...etc. Warm Regards!

Boca Raton, FL , United States
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