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Flavio Takemoto

One click help: Visit and click once an ad from our sponsor. ... ... ... Mobacks is my new project to share quality motion backgrounds, for free. It is still in beta. --- --- --- --- Would you like help me and keep this gallery sharing free images for all? Please, make a small donation at paypal: I'll be grateful and your contribution will be very helpfull. --- --- --- --- Hi! Thanks for downloading my photos and graphics. I'm Braziliam and live in Sao Paulo. I work with motion graphics, web and graphic design and photograph. Feel free to use in any work as you wish, observing the SXC Image Licence Agrement. Just, if possible, send me a snapshot of your work when done, for my apreciation. I will be grateful and glad if you comment my photos and graphics! It's good to receive feedback to always make better. If your work is non-commercial or for non-profit organization you don't need ask me permission for use ok? And, it's a honor share my work with you. *** Please note that to use my photos you are under SXC Image Licence Agrement ( You may NOT USE for SELLING or REDISTRIBUTION OF THE IMAGE and others conditions mentioned in Image Licence Agrement.

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