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Jeff Hire

My name is Jeff and I live in America, in Ohio. I have become more and more fond of photography as a hobby, and at the moment, it is just something for me to do when i have spare time or when i am board. But right now, i am in college as a business management major. I am not the greatest photographer in the world but i have learned a lot these past few years and hope to keep learning, so YOUR COMMENTS AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ARE MUCH APPRECIATED. Don't worry, you wont offend me. TO CREDIT ME... When using my photos, any way that is most convenient and aesthetically pleasing for you to credit me is just fine. Don't feel obligated to stick my name under the photo if it does not look good, but if you want to, Something like, "photo by Jeff Hire" will be just fine. Or if you have credits of some kind you can link people to my profile, something like this, "Photography by Jeff Hire,". ALL OF MY PHOTOS ARE FREE OF CHARGE AND DO NOT REQUIRE PERMISSION OF ANY KIND, BUT IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU LEFT ME A COMMENT ON THE PHOTO TELLING ME HOW YOU USED IT AND A LINK TO YOUR PROJECT IF POSSIBLE. And of course, don't use my photos for anything offensive or obscene. I probably won't be too mad if you do, but I don't want anything to do with your hate groups, tasteless shenanigans, or what have you...

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