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Hobbes Yeo

Introducing Me… I'm a guy from Singapore who’s often bitten by the travel-bug; always hungry for good food and trying to develop an eye for photography. Help me to help you… Like everyone else, I need motivation sometimes. It’s every encouraging when I receive positive feedback about my pictures. It’s even better when I get good ratings for them too. :) It would be fantastic if you can send me a copy / picture / web-link of what has been produced with my images. Downloading & Using My Pictures… If you would like to download and use my pictures, please do tell me how they are going to be used. I seldom reject requests and often respond within the day. Do note that I will reject requests that tell me nothing or have only random letters/gibberish in them. (Please note that I will still retain all rights to my images.) Cheers! :)

Singapore, Singapore
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