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Lesley Huntley

Hello! My name is Lesley Huntley, pleased to meet you =) I run a boutique website marketing company that helps clients get impressive results from their websites. We have a genuine concern for the success of our clients, and work very closely with them to ensure they get most out of their online marketing efforts. My online marketing experience started 10 years ago selling my own and other company’s products on commission. Those first websites were not going to win any design awards, but they were functional. The clean HTML code I designed in and good SEO I was obsessed with ensured they found their way to page one of Google for the keywords I needed them to be found for. For me the design was secondary to getting my products in the face of the people I wanted to buy them. I needed a vehicle for this, so I learnt how to create websites. It just happened I needed to create highly optimised websites in order to get my products in front of the buyers. For many years I designed my product marketing websites in straight HTML and CSS. WordPress was becoming more and more popular at that stage, so I decided to give that a go. The functionality, the in-built SEO, and now the ability to create custom designs that look a million dollars from the backend appealed to me immensely, and I never looked back. When I started creating websites for the odd business owner here and there, I felt like I’d found my true calling. I started using these online marketing skills to help business owners market themselves online. Due to my online marketing background I was also able to get non-functional websites created by designers to page one of Google. If you need advice on website marketing you can contact us: Aliarts Website Marketing and SEO 18 Gow Place Woolston Christchurch 8062‎ 03-381 0009

Christchurch, Canterbury, tz
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