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Trisha Shears

All of my photos are restriction free.. I do allow them to be used on cafe press products and web page graphics and templates for sale. Just please send me a quick email if you will use my photos for a comercial project.. I always like to recieve samples of the products whenever possible.. the only exception i have is claiming that they are yours, selling my photos as stand alone images. They must be used in a design if they are to be sold in any way. And crediting the photographer is always nice. I came across a few of my photos in a book recently and was never notified of that use and was a little dissapointed that their was not any credits.. I know it is not required but it is nice to see your name somewhere. I would appreciate an email if you use them in a way that you will profit from it. just for my own curiosity... But most of all Have fun :)

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