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Bill Davenport

These are experiments in digital photography to celebrate the wonder of God's creation in praise of His name. Born in Phoenix AZ and living in Nova Scotia, Canada, I have a deep appreciation for the diversity and majesty of creation. If a sunset is majestic, it's because God is majestic. If a child is delightful, it's because God is delightful. If a flower is beautiful, it's because God is beautiful. Ultimately, of course, His beauty and love was once for all displayed in His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ; His life, death, burial and bodily resurrection. Wow, over 300,000 downloads of my images ... it's cool bein' part of the sxc community. Thanks everyone for your encouragement, help and great sharin' :) Here's where many of you have shared how you have used my photos: I post my own favorites of my work at I'd love to know where and how you apply these images, so please let me know and email me a link or image of what you do with them if you can.

Kentville, Nova Scotia, aq
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