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Patrizio Martorana

I am an amateur and I enjoy taking some photographs for fun. Use the photos for your projects (according to SXC rules). I ask you only used to tell me where my pictures and comments on your site sxc that are welcome. All my pictures are restriction free if you use them according to sxc's Image license agreement: .. Help me with a credit for my work: "Špatrizio martorana" "Credit is the opportunity to mention the author of photography when possible." That means if you use them for your website or blog, for a brochure, magazine, newspaper, book, cd cover (for personal, public, educationnal, charitable or commercial use) it's all OK! I'm very pleased if my pictures can be useful to you! If you want to let me know how or where you used my pictures, a brief message in the comments section is very much appreciated

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