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Peter Miller

Due to cettain events my, I find that my everthing as NOT as it should be. I applaud those who used my stock appropriately, and want to thank those who I count as "friends" on this site. - I comjmend you. And well those of you who "ripped" my images and I caught, well maybe you should have thought before you acted! Any who think they got away with it, well time will tell, time will tell. You only wait to be caught... I show no disfavour to those who obey the rules, but well the rest of you who think you can bend those rules? - Begone from my sight! I am among those who see that this new situation means that our community, livelyhood, and identity will simply die. Those of you who have not? Well I have no quarrel with you, continue as is. Some may say I'm over-reacting; but personally I think I'm only revealing a truth that many of you don't wan't to see, hear or know. If any wish to assign blame to me for my attitude toward this matter, then I strongly suggest that you take a very long, hard look in the mirror first. - Those who most often assign blame are guilty themselves. As stated I have in the past, I offer my stock on the terms and usage of SXC, not any other entitiy's. - Any other usage of my stock will not be tolorated in any way whatsoever. I oject to having any percentage of the value of my stock being taken for any use other than that of the artist. Since this is technically a free site, I take 0% of my stock's value, thus nor shall any parent site make monetary gain from my work and effort. My stock is free for use under this premise ONLY. - Any other use will lead to criminal prosecution. -------------------------- NOTICE: All stock under this account will be moving off-site as of 24/03/10 (24th March 2010) For further use of stock after this date please contact me by email to arrange for terms of usage.

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