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Atomic Bill

What is Bill's Atomic Garage? Bill's Atomic Garage is a Car Show of piriod spacific Hot Rods & Customs and their owners. Where will you be able to see Bill's Atomic Garage? To start - here on myspace, You Tube, Google Current, Guba, Revver & iTunes as a podcast. When will show air Bill's Atomic Garage? - One 10 Min show will air each week. Why should you watch Bill's Atomic Garage? - Who doesn't like them roaring gas sucking, streamline beauties?! How can I watch Bill's Atomic Garage? - Request to be added to Bill's Atomic Garage and keep in formed of when and where show will be aired. Who will be on Bills Atomic? - The Cat, Kitten or Car Club that has a work in progress that knows their ride inside and out. That has put endless weekends as well as blood, sweat, and tears into their ride. How can I help Bill's Atomic Garage? - Do you know.... A Cat, Kitten or Car Club to let me interview them on camera. A Pin-up Model willing to work TFP on a the video shoot with the Hot Rod or Custom. Rockabilly Bands to allow Bill's Atomic Garage to feature their music as bed music and or theme music to Bill's Atomic Garage. Sponsors for product placement and trade to be featured on Bill's Atomic Garage. How Much will this cost me? - Zero. Nothing. Nada, not one red cent. I've sunk tons of my own money and time. It's all for the love of the car's But, I really want to help! Ok, Ok. You can help by going yo my online store Bill's Atomic Garage for Him & Her. Bill's Atomic Garage has tons of Schwag for sale. When you buy Bill's Atomic Garage items, you personally sponsor Bill's Atomic Garage and get quality Bill's Atomic Garage Schwag. I will be posting weekly earnings and sponsors here on myspace. Also Help sponsor my project by watching any of my videos. Credit will be amply given to those who help! I Can't thank you enough! ~Bill~ Bill's Atomic Garage

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