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Richard McMillan

Please do not sell my photographs, for example, as part of a collection of photos for sale. I retain all rights and privileges to anything I have posted. I put up these images for individuals to use for free, so using them as the visual in an ad or a brochure, billboard, etc is fine. Stealing photos and representing them as your own work is bad karma and that will haunt you beyond anything you can imagine! Your comments are greatly appreciated and they help me decide what type of photos to upload here. Please make sure your email address is current at FreeImages. If you contact me about a photo and the email address is not current I will have no way to respond to your message. I would love to know how and where you are using the photos. A photo credit is always nice but not required. With apologies to David Ritter. If you would like to see more of my current work in photography, digital imagery and graphic design go to:

Lake Forest, Calif, at
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